Amy’s Backyard Baby Shower

In just a few weeks my younger sister will be having her first baby so to celebrate we (meaning my sister Rachel and myself) wanted to create a party that would be intimate and special while utilizing the beautiful backdrop of nature and the gorgeous summer weather. Starting with the use of a friend’s backyard and the making of a makeshift low table, we then gathered various blankets, drop cloths and white sheets. To complete the decor we added to that some pops of bright pink decorations – because she’s having a girl so of course, some toy animals, queens anne’s lace (cut from the side of Rachel’s apartment building – so pretty and free!) in random glass bottles, and some cabbage plants in brown paper in white mugs. Of course the most important element was the people – close family and friends gathered around. It was a perfectly lovely day and a great way to celebrate the new life about to join the family.

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baby shower14